Business Travel By Motor Coach – Fine But Be Sure to Look at the Oil in the Generators First |

For nearly 7-years I toured the United States in what I called a Mobile Command Center, but it was really a cross between a high-end motor coach and a NASCAR truck and trailer with expandable sides. It was for traveling, office, and marketing, and what a branding vehicle it is painted Dodge Viper Bright Yellow! Now then, when traveling for business in an office on wheels or even for personal use, you must do the routine maintenance early and often – that includes changing the oil, especially in the generators.

One of the most important things in a motor home is power for your accessories. Therefore, you cannot risk having a disruption with your portable generator onboard. To ensure that it works in a trouble-free way, you must change the oil and the air and air filters as appropriate. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the operations manual.

Below are tips on changing the oil in your motor home’s on-board generator;

1. Pull out your operations manual if you are unsure or about anything or if this is the first time you’ve done it yourself.

2. Make sure you have an oil pan, a manufacturer’s recommended oil filter, and the oil which has been specified by the generator manufacture. If you don’t use genuine parts, you may void your warranty. Besides that, these parts are specially designed, and have special lubricants inside to protect the wear and tear on the motor, which may be dissimilar to other types of engines.

3. Run your generator for 10 or 15 minutes.

4. Remove the cover on your generator.

5. Remove the oil plug, placing an oil pan catcher underneath.

6. As the oil drains out remove the oil filter also.

7. After all the oil is drained out, replace the oil plug, and put on the new filter.

8. Next, put in the specified amount of oil, wait a couple of minutes, and then check the dipstick to make sure the oil level is proper.

9. Turn on the generator for two or three minutes; check the oil level again with the dipstick. Everything should be okay, but if you need to add a little extra oil, add only the appropriate amount.

10. Before you are finished and while you still have the cover off of your generator, you should also check the air filter, and fuel filter. Some manufacturers recommend changing the fuel filter every time and some manufacturers recommend changing the air filter every third time you change the oil. You need to pay attention to this.

11. When changing the fuel filter – make sure you do it exactly as the operation manual states. Also realize that if you don’t get the air filter on properly you can cause damage to your motor. Make sure you put it back together the same way you took it apart. You may have to lay the parts out in a row, so you can remember exactly how it goes back together. If you are unsure look at the systematic in your operations manual.

By doing this routine maintenance on your motor home’s generator yourself, you can save a significant amount of money. It is also recommended by those who are writers for major motor coach publications, that you keep all the receipts in a file, so there will be no possible way that the manufacturer can void the warranty, because you can prove you used genuine parts. Please consider all this.

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